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Welcome To Our New And Improved Website!

In today’s digital-driven age, having a great website is an important thing. That’s why our website just went through some changes with the intention of helping our existing customers and prospective customers find us and even shop our trailer store online. 

As any of our long-time customers know, A&A Center Trailers is built on a foundation of trust, hard work, and integrity-driven customer service for all trailer users in Atlanta and beyond. Ed Magyer, our founder, sought to provide the good people of Georgia with a reliable and honest trailer shop, and we do our very best to make sure that his legacy is preserved. 

A&A Center Trailers — Our Commitment To You

Call us overly passionate about all things trailers, but we believe that trailer owners are some of the hardest working, finest people in all of the southeast. You might be hauling valuable equipment for your business, selling delicious grub at a local fair, or carting around your off-road toys purely for personal use. Regardless of your trailing intentions, our point is that people like you are go-getters: you’re frequently traveling with a heavy, bulky load, and you need the proper equipment to help support your lifestyle. 

Below, we’d like to take a closer look at how our Atlanta trailer dealers can help ensure countless miles of safe, effective and efficient hauling.

How Can We Serve You? 

Superior Trailer Inventory

First and foremost, A&A Center Trailers is a trailer dealer. When you stop by and visit us, you’ll find our lot to be massive and our new and used inventory even bigger. We’re proud to carry a fantastic selection of different types of trailers to suit every need and budget: 

Utility Trailers

With a flat floor, open design and a rear-folding tailgate, utility trailers are intended to haul landscape equipment, motorcycles, or other large, heavy machinery with ease. The tailgate folds down and acts as a ramp to provide hassle-free loading and unloading, and our two manufacturers, Lonewolf and GPS, are considered industry leaders in utility trailers. 

Enclosed Trailers

Naturally, enclosed trailers are the best way to keep your items not only weatherproof, but also locked away and secure no matter where you’re parked. We offer numerous sizes and model specs of enclosed trailers, which often meet the exact dimensions trailer owners seek. Our two main enclosed trailer lines, economy and advanced, offer a good starting point for those who want an enclosed trailer but aren’t sure where to begin. 

Dump Trailers

With one press of a remote control button, you’ll be able to dump your excess materials and other waste right onto the desired area! Dump trailers are ideal for roofers, construction companies, and other contractors who haul away a good amount of scrap materials from a job site. Of course, we offer a number of different dump trailer options to meet the needs and budget of your commercial operation. 

Car Haulers and Tow Dollys

These trailers are relatively simple in their design — like utility trailers given their openness, but without a “fence” that goes around the perimeter. As a simple and economical way to haul vehicles and other strapped-in items, most of our car hauler trailers and tow dollys (note: not “dollies,” as they are two separate things!) are fully equipped with new 15” tires, D.OT. breakaway kits, slide-out ramps, removable drive side fenders, and more.

Equipment Trailers

Equipment trailers are not unlike car haulers and utility trailers given their flat design, but they’re intended to haul heavy-duty equipment that other trailers aren’t rated for. The pressure-treated, wood floor featured in select equipment trailer models makes clean-up and maintenance easy. 

Vending and Concession Trailers

Ten years ago, most people didn’t think to patronize a food truck for a quick, convenient bite. But these days, food trucks have become a standard in the restaurant industry, offering near-limitless food options for breweries, local parks, and…well, anywhere! 

Of course, our partially built vending trailers offer much, much more than our other trailers, so they’re going to be more expensive in comparison. But if you’re in the market to start a food truck business, investing in a turnkey food truck trailer that’s ready for business is the best way to start your operations ASAP. 

The details of our vending and concession trailers are simply too lengthy to list in today’s blog post, so visit the link above to learn more!

Trailer Repair

Ah, if only trailers stood up to the wear and tear they’re constantly subjected to without the need for maintenance and repair. Unfortunately, the truth is that all trailers wear down at a certain point, and that wear is exacerbated the more you’re driving around with it (and loading and unloading equipment, too). Inclement weather and frequent turns also contribute to the progressive breakdown of even the strongest trailers on the market. 

It’s for these reasons (among others) that A&A Center Trailers happily offers the best trailer repair service in Atlanta. Our goal is to provide you with countless miles of happy, problem-free hauling, and we do so by specializing in a number of trailer repair services: 

  • Axle replacement
  • Brake adjustment
  • Electrical work 
  • Welding and sheet panel replacement
  • Floor replacement
  • Insurance estimates (seriously!)
  • General maintenance
  • And more!

If you’re even remotely concerned about the condition of your trailer or fear that something’s wrong, please visit us. If you can’t remember the last time your trailer was serviced, please, let us take a good look for the sake of your equipment and the safety of yourself and others on the road!


Sell Your Trailer

Yes, A&A Center Trailers specializes in trailer sales and trailer repair… but we’re also happy to purchase your trailer! Waiting around for the right buyer can be frustrating when you’re trying to sell a trailer due to the sheer size of what’s for sale. Blocking your driveway or parking on the street and receiving flack from your HOA is more than inconvenient. 

We’re happy to give you a fair penny for your trailer provided it meets our criteria (we’re happy to elaborate on that at our dealership). 

Trailer Education

While many of our customers are business owners and seasoned trailer users, we work with our fair share of trailer users who may be new to towing. Perhaps your buddy got you into ATVing, and now you’ve found yourself with two shiny (soon to be muddy) ATVs in the garage. Well, you’ll need a safe and effective way to haul those suckers around, but it’s not enough to have our staff hold your hand through the process. 

We’re happy to help you as much as we can when you’re on our lot, but it’s on you to be a responsible trailer user on the road. Our blog is growing, and it’s full of great information about towing safety, D.O.T. regulations, brake wiring how-tos, driving with a trailer, loading and unloading, cleaning and maintenance tips, and more. 

If owning your first trailer isn’t exciting, at the very least, it’s a new level of responsibility for you as a driver. Make sure you’re prepared for your adventures (or work) with our insightful and relevant blog information. 

We’ll See You Soon!

If you have any additional inquiries, want to learn more about our family-owned trailer business, or want more information on pricing, our team is here for you six days a week (hey, we need a day of rest too!). Get in touch with our Georgia trailer specialists today. We look forward to helping you with all things trailers! 

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