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A&A Center Trailers is excited to introduce a brand-new option to get in the trailer of your dreams. Our Rent-to-Own program allows you to make manageable monthly payments on the rental of your new trailer. This provides ultimate flexibility for your business or personal use. All with NO CREDIT CHECK.

The best part? Your payments go towards owning the trailer outright at the end of the rental term. Let’s take a closer look to see how this program can be the best solution for getting your new trailer faster and easier than ever.



Rent to own, rental purchase, rent to buy, RTO, —the concept has been around for a while, largely found in the wooden storage buildings and barn industry but it's a fairly new concept in the world of trailers. Rent to own programs really offer the best of both worlds in terms of renting and buying. For renters, you get the flexibility of low monthly payments for as long as you need the trailer. For those who want to make it a long-term investment, you have the option to turn those rental payments you’re making every month into equity.

You’ve probably heard of equity with your home. Equity is the difference between what’s still owed on the asset and what you could get if the asset were sold. So with a trailer you’re in a rent to own program with, every month you make payments, you’re building equity in that trailer. When you get to the end of the predetermined rental period, you’ll have the option to go ahead and purchase the trailer. An advantage here is that the equity you have built from your past payments apply towards the remaining balance due. This can be a very convenient and economical way to finance a trailer bypassing a typical loan arrangement with hard credit pulls.

Rent to Own Requirements & Availability

  • Requirements: Rent to own requirements are much simpler and straightforward than traditional financing. All we will need is your valid drivers license*, be at least 21 years old, social security number, phone number verification, and one other form of proof of residency matching your drivers license. Example - (utility bill, car registration, insurance card, bank statement, secondary ID) unless using the secondary ID your supplied papers (insurance, utility bill, phone bill etc) must be within past 30 days and current showing no overdue balances.

Your down payment will vary depending on your county tax rate and length of term you select. Stop by or give us a call to find out more information and the associated downpayment and monthly cost for the trailer that works for you!

*If your address on drivers license is not current we will need an additional proof of residency with name and matching address.


  • Availability: With our rent to own trailer program currently 19 states shown below in GREEN centered around our dealership in Jonesboro, Georgia. With availability in states as far west as Arizona to the majority of south eastern Unites States, we continue to add more territory all the time. If you’re not sure if it's currently offered near you, check in with our team for time frame and more info.

Rent To Own Map of Approved States


Our financing team is truly one of the best in the business and we’ll work with any credit situation to help our customers find the right trailer to meet their needs and their budget. But sometimes, it simply makes more sense to look in a different direction than financing. This is where our rent-to-own program can be a huge benefit.

Some of the many benefits of our rent to own program include:

  • Low Monthly Payments: just like a typical financing program, you’ll be making low monthly payments. The big difference is that you don’t have to secure financing first from a bank, credit union, or other financial institution with no credit inquiry. Whether you are working on rebuilding credit, new credit due to young age or other variables, or maybe simply you don’t want to show on your credit report due to an upcoming house purchase or car purchase requiring a hard credit pull on your credit account Rent To Own is a great option for you to consider while acquiring your new trailer,
  • Payments Count Towards Equity Ownership: with rent-to-own trailers, each payment that you make is also going to build the equity ownership you have in that trailer. You’re getting the best of both worlds with the flexibility of a rental and the value in ownership should you choose to buy the trailer at the end of the term.
  • Flexibility at End of Term: once your rent to own trailer’s rental term is up whether you choose 24, 36 or 48 months, you have the option to look at your situation and decide if you’d like to go ahead and own the trailer outright or perhaps go in a different direction. If you’ve loved the trailer and really want to keep it, you have that option and will have all the equity payments which will make the final price you pay that much lower. If you decide that you’d rather upgrade, downgrade, or go in a new direction entirely, you generally have no obligation whatsoever to buy the trailer you’ve been renting.


There are many benefits to consider when you are looking at a rent to own trailer and our professionals can help steer you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have. Stop on by at 8834 Tara Blvd Jonesboro, GA or give us a call at 770-603-8511 and talk to our team if this program is something you’re interested in or would like to find out down payment and monthly cost associated with the trailer of your dreams.

A&A Center carries massive amounts of inventory so we can confidently say most standard non extensively customized trailers are in stock, on the lot available, TODAY requiring no lead/build time. Some customized units we may have in stock that might even work for you!

A&A Center trailers is known as one of if not the top rated and volume trailer dealers in the south-east. We partner exclusively with top tier trailer manufacturers who we have come to know, some even personally at trailer shows and trailer industry conventions that stand behind and make great trailers that are built to handle everything our customers can throw its direction. From a 6x12 single or dual axle enclosed trailer for hauling your motorcycle or other motorsports, to heavy hauling 7x16 commercial grade 14,000 GVWR dump trailers, maybe its a 6x10 landscape or utility trailer to start your business with, we are completely confident we can help you get in the right trailer to meet all your needs while maintaining a realistic budget.

Bottom line is, find whatever trailer you’ve got your heart set on and give us a shout or stop by if you’re interested in a rent-to-own option and one of our sales team members will be glad to answer all questions you may have. Our mission is to help make it work for you in whatever way is most advantageous to your unique cargo-hauling situation.


The real advantage of rent to own cargo trailers is that you are in charge of the ownership decision every step of the way. You can start with “Rent to Owning” your trailer while your business is just getting set up while also confirming it is the correct fit for your needs and then once you are ready, at your own pace go ahead and purchase the trailer completely outright ending the monthly recurring payments. Our exclusive personalized rent to own process is unmatched when it comes to trailer ownership flexibility.

You may also prefer going through the rental program as little as a month or so, maybe even a year or more and then deciding not to purchase the trailer at that time. With no obligation or impact on credit to continue paying. You’d then be able to go whatever direction in life or even possibly another trailer you might have your eye on and could even enter a new rent to own arrangement if that was so desired. In the end, having the freedom of choice is what makes the rent-to-own program so attractive to a lot of our customers.


A&A Center Trailers is all about maximizing the value our customers receive when they choose to invest in a new trailer with us. We do this in a couple of different areas that we consider keys to our success:

  • Get In Your New Trailer with the Right Financial Program:  Only after getting to know your situation and needs, will we recommend the perfect trailer and offer you your personal tailored different methods for paying for your new trailer. Whether that’s with a great rate from our financing team or a rent to own trailer, maybe even our lay-a-way program. we’ll make sure you are informed and understand all your options during a relaxed and pressure-free process.
  • We Offer the Best Trailers Available: we really prioritize exclusive partnerships with trailer manufacturers who we know hold themselves and their trailers to as high a standard as we do as a company. The trailers we sell are high-quality, American built hauling machines made to stand up to everything you can throw their way and then some. For absolute peace of mind, we include a full manufacturer warranty with all of our trailers and provide a low-cost extended warranty program for ultimate protection now and years down the road. Being in business since 1973 we hope that will give you peace of mind that many years down the road whether that’s for service of existing or a brand-new upgrade trailer, we will be there ready to assist in any way we can help. We are not one of the sketchy pop-up trailer dealers with no service shop and maybe only a website and a cell phone. Stop by and tour our full-service shop full of extensive OEM parts and upgrade options.
  • We Treat Our Customers The Way We Would Want to Be Treated: The old classic elementary saying “treat others the way you would like to be treated” is a simple saying we structure our customer services around. From the day we opened our doors back in 1973 we pledged to run a business that anyone would be proud with no hesitation to refer a close friend or family member to knowing they would have a great experience purchasing a trailer from just like they did. The big test for customer service lies with what happens after the sale. With that being said we of course take pride in our customer service prior and, during the purchase process but that’s just the beginning. We believe in business the MOST important step is actually AFTER the sale. Rest assured that we will support you prior, during, and especially after the sale.

Thanks for learning about A&A Center's RENT TO OWN TRAILER program

When it comes to ultimate flexibility in finding the perfect trailer to meet your needs and your budget, A&A Center in general is tough to beat. We don’t have aggressive and pushy sales; we are solution makers for your unique situation. Our trailer professionals have decades of combined trailer experience so that we can recommend the right trailer for your needs and the best way to pay for it that meets your budget and plans. The rent to own program is just one of the many ways we can help make it more affordable to get the trailer of your dreams hooked up and ready to roll.

We look forward to you stopping by here in Jonesboro, GA just 15 minutes south of the Atlanta Airport. Until then you can browse all of our trailers online with live inventory updated on the hour and prices shown with nothing to hide. If you have any questions our staff will be glad to answer those about the rent-to-own program once you’ve found the trailer that fits your needs best. Whether it’s an enclosed cargo trailer, utility trailer, concession or specialty, car hauler, heavy equipment, or dump trailer, we’re sure we have the perfect unit to match your cargo-hauling needs.

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