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Trailers For Sale In GA

Useful Tips While Shopping For Trailers For Sale In GA

Here are some essential qualities and tips when browsing for trailers for sale.


Size, Axles, Options?

You need to check the size, style and quality of said trailer that makes up your trailer so you can determine the
durability and usefulness of the trailer.  Do you want LED Lights, Radial or Bias tires, Ramp or Barn Doors, Single or Dual axle, Color? All of these options you should factor in to make an appropriate choice in choosing your next trailer for factors of cost and usefulness. A barn door also known as double rear doors equipped trailer would not be nearly as ideal and an enclosed trailer equipped with a folding spring assisted ramp door if you plan to haul equipment or motorcycles that will be rolled inside. Take the time to do some research, even ask around and talk with trailer owning neighbors and others you may know that own a trailer to find out information they know and even potential mistakes they made to avoid making a purchase only to find out the quality or options is not equipped as you would hope.


Does My Trailer Need Brakes In Georgia?

Georgia State Law Requires All Trailers With A GVWR Over 3000 lbs Be Equipped With Brakes On ALL Wheels And Have A Functioning Break-A-Way Kit.

Please Be Cautious When Shopping Online As Many Offer Brakes On Just 2 Wheels or 1 Axle As That Is Legal In Some States. If You Purchase A Car Hauler With 1 Brake Axle You Will Be Required To Sign A Form Stating The Trailer Is Not To Be Used In The State Of Georgia And Will Be Transported Out Of The State Immediately.

View Georgia Trailer Brakes Motor Carrier Compliance Law Here


Find out About the Warranty

You will be guaranteed a good warranty for the protection of the product by any trailer brand you find with us. Ensure that a service shop is available close and will not require a lengthy trip elsewhere just to get a warranty claim filled.
Don’t go for a warranty that is filled with pages of complicated language. Instead, choose a
brand that writes the warranty they offer in plain English. Ultimately, ensure that the brand
includes the axle in the warranty.

Running Gear Quality and Rating.   (Axles/Leaf Springs/Hubs/Brakes)

When you want to select the axle rating of your trailer, your top priority and concern is to have a durable axle and running gear components that can withstand many years of use and weight you intend to haul, maybe even plus some. The axle will do most of the heavy work, and as such, you can forestall possible roadside breakdowns and costly issues should it break by having your trailer running gear serviced every 3-5000 miles by yourself  if experienced or an approved trailer dealer like ourselves.

Build Quality

You can expect more durability when the material used to make your trailer is thicker and has closer cross members. As a
result, your trailer will have a longer lifespan. Call us if you have question on what makes up our trailers or its construction. (770) 603-8511
because you may not know how thick it is by merely looking at the trailer.

What’s Best: An Enclosed or Open Trailer? You may be wondering whether to buy an enclosed trailer or an open utility trailer in your quest to
purchase a trailer. Here are some advantages of both enclosed and open trailers:

  •  Enclosed trailers provide more storage options
  •  Open trailers are more affordable than an enclosed option however, offer much less protection from theft, weather, and more.
  •  Enclosed trailer protect valuable cargo from any exhaust fumes, bugs, stones, dust, and other road
  •  It is easy to maneuver open trailers and allow for better visibility during towing. You can also move them around without any fuss considering they are typically much lighter.
  •  Enclosed trailers will house and secure your gears without any worries of water damage
    if it rains
  • Open trailers are lighter to tow, increasing fuel mileage and some wear and tear on tow vehicle.

    7x16 enclosed trailer6x12 landscape trailer

Our customers speak highly of us here at A&A  Center, Check out what they have to say about us here. We hope to speak with you soon and read your testimonial in the very near future!


We are confident you will find a unit that fits your budget and needs, whether you’re a landscaper,
contractor, or motorcycle enthusiast or just could use  a trailer for general hauling.

As a family-owned and operated in the southeast, our customers at A&A Center Trailers
consider us as an elite dealer. Some of the full lines of trailers that we carry and sell locally in
Jonesboro, GA, include:

  •  Concession trailers
  •  Equipment trailers
  •  Custom trailers
  •  Dump trailers
  •  Tow dollies
  •  Car haulers
  •  Enclosed trailers
  • Utility trailers


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