Custom Trailer Options

Enclosed Trailer Options Photos



  1. Improved Maneuverability and Towing:

    • Extended Tongue: Essential for tight maneuvering, or front storage of generator or other equipment. (Required For Generator Box)
    • Bogey Wheels: Rear mounted rollers help trailer roll and prevent rear from dragging on high inclines and steep approaches.
    • Slant V-Nose: Provides a sleek look and slightly less drag for better fuel efficiency.
    • Electric Jack: Easily hook up and drop the trailer with a push of a button with an electric tyongue mounted jack. Manual override is still available in the event of electrical failure or power source failure.
  2. Interior Clearance:

    • Additional Height: Ensures your equipment will fit comfortably inside the trailer and save from actual headaches if you are taller than interior height saving many sore foreheads and bumps if you plan to be in and out of the trailer an excessive ammount.
  3. Improved Trailer Structure:

    • 16" or 12" Inch On Center Cross Members: Increases structural strength and durability.
    • Heavier Duty Axles: 5200#, 6000# or 7000# pound axles for improved durability and weight capabilities, available in single, dual or triple axle varitations.
    • One Piece Roof: Upgrade to a single peice Aluminum roof rather than a seamed galvalume roof.


  1. Popular Exterior Upgrades:
    • .030/Semi-screwless Exterior: Reduces visible “waves” and enhances the trailer's aesthetics.
    • .080 Polycore Panels Provide an ALMOST PERFECT exterior.
    • Custom Wheels: Personalize your trailer with a variety of stylish wheel options either Black Steel or, Aluminum  Mag Wheels.
    • Color Options: Choose from a variety of Color options and pair that with an appearance package.
    • Appearance Packages: Black-Out Or Aluminum Annodized or Treadplate Customizable Trim and botton 12" or 24" around entire trailer the same as the stoneguard up front or a polished annodized bottom for a mirror like finish.
    • Rear Spoiler/Wing: Purely Cosmetic but they change the appearance and give an aggressive custom look to any trailer!
  2. Enhanced Safety and Visibility:
    • Optional: ADDITIONAL LED Lights: Ensures your trailer is visible during night travel.
    • Spare Tire: Handy in case of a tire emergency while on the road. "If you have the spare tire you will never need it, if you dont have it you will wish you did."
    • Stabilizer Jacks: These add stability when the trailer is stationary and prevent the trailer from tilting back if using the rear ramp while not attatched to a vehicle even are nice to have and use if you are connected as a precautionary device.
  3. Ventilation & Cooling:
    • Ventilation for Roof/Sidewalls: Essential for maintaining air circulation within the trailer. Plastic Side Flow Vents or Aluminum Sidewall 2 Way Vents or Top Mounted Roof Vent with or without a 12 volt Fan.
    • Air Conditioning and Heating: 13,500 BTU Air Conditioning with Heat Strip or upgraded 15,000 BTU Model.


  1. Cargo Securement Systems:
    • E-Track System: Providing maximum stability for securing cargo and practically unlimited tiedown locations along the strip installed.
    • D-Rings: Provide additional anchor points for securing cargo but are limited to location along crossmembers of the floor.
  2. Electrical Configurations and Insulation:
    • Electrical Package: Comprehensive electrical setup for all your power needs. 30, 50 Amp or even larger.
    • Insulation Solutions: Ceiling and wall insulation options for improved interior conditions in severe heat or cold weather.
  3. Windows & Doors:
    • Bar-Lock or Flush-Lock or Combine and have both!
    • 24",32", 36", 48"  Optional treadplate trimmed out step well for easy access in and out of the trailer.
    • 15x30 Windows with or without emergency exit.
    • Concession Windows with or without glass and screen.
  4. Plumbing:
    • Concession Sinks And Hand Wash Sinks: Triple Sink with Seperate Handwash
    • Full or Half Bathroom Package with shower, toilet and handwash sink complete witth fresh, grey, and blackwater tanks.


  1. Flooring and Ramp Enhancements:

    • Aluminum or Rubber Diamond Plate or Coin, Also Various Pattern Vinyl Floors and Spray In Liners Available: These materials can enhance the durability AND appearance of the flooring and ramp.
    • Optional Ramp Placement: A side access ramp can be added to the v-nose or side of the trailer for pull through loading and unloading of equipment or small offroad vehicles.
    • Remove the Ramp or Barn doors and opt for a rear open or partial open BBQ Porch or Patio.
  2. Aesthetic and Practical Interior Finishes:

    • Interior Finish Choices: White vinyl, your choice of colored metals for the ceiling and wall finishes.
    • Increased Durability: Upgraded 3/4" plywood walls from standard 3/8" and or Doubled 3/4" Plywood Floors can be added for increased durability.
    • Optional kickplate interior bottom edge 12" 3/4" Plywood around bottom 12" of interior of trailer to protect mowers and other equipment from damaging the trailer.
  3. Storage and Access Options:

    • Cabinets for Organization: Base and overhead cabinets can be installed for organized storage.
    • Easy Access Doors and Windows: Cargo Door for quick gear access, and a variety of other doors and windows can be added for accessibility and functionality.
    • Storage Closets for race gear and jackets.
    • Recessed Floor Spare Tire Compartment: Save space while keeping the ability to have a spare tire onboard the trailer for emergencys.
    • Roof Mounted Ladder Racks: Save interior space and store multiple ladders on the roof.

Feel free to explore these wide-ranging options to customize your A&A Center Trailer to meet your specific needs. Reach out to our expert team for further assistance. The above is an extremely small sample of a variety of upgrades available. The best solution for building the perfect trailer is speaking with a sales representative and explain goals and budget and we will do our best to accomodate both!