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CHEAP Trailers Vs Affordable And Fair

A trailer plays a vital role that wears various hats. Whether you need one to transport goods, haul cars or motorcycles, transport a SxS, ATV, or Dirtbike to your local off road park, or even create a concession business, you ought to purchase a quality trailer. Unfortunately, it’s easy for you to see cheap utility trailers for sale in Georgia because you might want to save a dollar when possible. Understand, however, that it’s still best to choose an elite-quality trailer for a handful of good reasons. If you select a cheaper option, you may encounter some issues and problems along the way.


In this article, we will share with you five disadvantages of investing in a cheap trailer:

  1. Water leaks on enclosed trailers

When you own and maintain a trailer, keeping your cargo dry is a top consideration with enclosed trailers. One of the common problems encountered in cheap purchases is how they aren’t built and designed to withstand water leaks for long period of times, just enough to last on a dealer lot and through initial warranty period. Because of this, it’s easy for waters to settle or get into the trailers’ roofs, sides, and bottom parts. As a result, the goods and materials inside can get moist or wet, and the trailers themselves can easily get subjected to wear and tear over time.

  1. Wiring problems

As much as possible, you will want your trailer wiring harness that is properly sorted and secured. The problem with cheaper ones is that wiring tends to fail or malfunction when shortcuts are taken in the building process. For this reason, you may need a repair to ensure that the wiring won’t fail and will continue to function properly. As you should be aware, repairs will mean an added expense for you or your business and a higher end cost of of ownership.

  1. Rust issues

When building quality trailers, designers or manufacturers pay attention to several key areas and components. They apply paint to these areas so that they won’t be prone to rust damage over time. If you invest in cheap options, you may encounter some parts that aren’t prepared correctly and or use inadequate paint, increasing the vulnerability of these spots to rust and leaving your trailer damaged over time.

  1. Loose panels on enclosed trailers

Panels on your trailer should be properly installed and secured. The problem, however, is that budget options are less thorough when it comes to this. As a result, the siding panels can easily get loose over time, which can cause it to fly off when driving at highway speeds. Not only do they undermine your trailer’s value, but they can also be dangerous for you and other drivers on the road.

  1. Faulty frame

It’s important to understand that the frame of a trailer plays a crucial role in protecting its integrity, serving as the foundation. With a smaller gauge steel equaling a less heavy duty frame, it’s easy for your trailer frame to get damaged by loading material you thought wouldn’t be an issue to haul, meaning that it won’t last as long as you expected and can again add in costly time and money repairs of upgrading the frame.


At this point, you now realize that buying a cheap trailer is a poor investment decision in the long run. As outlined above, you may encounter water leaks, wiring problems, rust issues, loose panels, and faulty frames. It may even be inconvenient for you to use, may turn out to be a scam, or may even compromise the quality of your products or services being delivered. When you purchase a quality trailer at reasonable price from A&A Center Trailers, you can rest assured that your purchase will do you last for many years to come with low maintenance cost.

We are an elite dealer in Georgia specializing in a variety of trailer types and other towing components. If you are looking for quality utility trailers for sale in Georgia, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!