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A&A Center Trailers is already known by name for offering the best and most durable trailers in Georgia. But recently, our family-owned and operated trailer company has taken our custom trailer making skills and creativity to a whole new level.

We now offer fully stocked, pre-built, and completely decked-out video game trailers for you, your friends, your company, or maybe even for a new business opportunity. Our 8.5 x 24 foot sleek, black video game trailers rest on a pair of 5,200 lb axles and come with everything you need to simply tow, park, and play.

Everything You Need To Take Your Game To The Next Level

The A&A Center Trailer video game trailer comes with everything you need to entertain and enjoy a gaming party with your friends and more. Take a look at everything A&A Center Trailers has managed to get into our mobile video gaming masterpiece.

Gaming Features

  • 8 game consoles
  • 8 flat-screen TVs
  • SONY surround sound system
  • Multiple games
  • Plenty of controllers for all consoles
  • Comfortable bench seats
  • Sleek cabinets for interior consoles

Trailer Features

  • Black Exterior, ready to wrap exterior
  • Two AC units with heater strip
  • Superior insulation
  • Interior LED kit
  • Underglow LED system
  • 8.5×24’
  • Dual 5,200 lb axles
  • New aluminum wheels
  • 15” radial tires
  • Screwless exterior cover
  • Generator box with Champion 11,500 starting watt generator (included)

Safety Features

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Dummy security cameras
  • Carbon monoxide detectors

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Business Ready Video Game Trailers

If you’ve been thinking about starting up your own Georgia-based business and you’re looking for a great opportunity, then purchasing a video game trailer from the custom trailer experts at A&A Trailers is worth your consideration. Our video game trailers have everything you need to provide an elite-gaming or media experience to your clients. All you have to do is provide the determination and drive.

Video game trailer rentals are a popular choice for lots of different groups in Georgia. Corporate events, birthday parties, school fundraisers, carnivals, sporting events, promotional events with local media and marketing groups, and more are all viable options for building your business and earning revenue with a video game trailer from A&A Center Trailers.

Other perks of owning a mobile video gaming business include:

  • Setting your own hours
  • Earning extra money
  • Owning a business that’s fun
  • Not being tied to a brick and mortar
  • Strong word of mouth referrals
  • Return customers
  • And more

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Who Else Uses Our Super Sweet Video Game Trailers?

Even though our fully stocked video game trailers are business ready and perfect for a mobile entrepreneur, there are lots of other people and organizations that can make great use of our video game trailers.

  • Sports fans – Tailgate in comfort and style with the ability to play games right up until your team’s game starts in our logo-wrap ready video game trailers.
  • Brand promoters – Large, visible branding potential and a memorable and dynamic experience make our trailers perfect for brand promoters, recruiters, and more.
  • Competitive gaming teams – Competitive gaming teams love the ability to tow a team gaming station with them for practice while on the road without constant set up and tear down.
  • Educational organizations – Allow children or adults to explore educational games, videos, or other media in our air-conditioned, mobile media platform.
  • Business owners growing their business – Video game trailers make a great addition to the offerings of entertainment business owners like arcades, bouncy-castle providers, magicians, and other community entertainment providers.

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Incredible Experiences And Opportunities From A&A Center Trailers

Whatever the reason you’re interested in one of our awesome video game trailers, the team at A&A Center Trailers can answer all of your questions and get your purchase started as soon as you’re ready. Give us a call today!

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