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We Carry 2 Main Lines Of Enclosed Trailers

Our Advanced Line Of Trailers Starts At 6×12 Which Most Will Include Transition Ramp Flap, 6’3” Interior Height, Roof Vent, 16″ On Center Floor And Wall Cross-members, 24″ Stone-guard with J-Rail Trim, Body Colored Matching Exterior Screws, LED Lights, And More!

Our Economy Begins At 4×6 Which Has Standard Aluminum Fenders, 24″ On Center Cross-members With The Exception Of Tandem Axles Trailers Having 16″ On Center Floor Cross-members, 24″ On Center Wall Cross-members, No Ramp Flap On Ramp Doors, Side Flow Vents, 12″ ATP On V-Nose Trailer, 3/8 Plywood Walls And 3/4 Plywood On Floors.

*NOTE* Some Options May Not Be Noted On Trailer. Example An Economy Line Trailer May Have a Few Advanced Line Features Such As Transitional Flap On Ramp And LED Lights. Our Standard Options Is Just A Standardized List Of Features.

Some Trailers May Vary In Options And Specs.



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