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How To Measure A Leaf Spring Axel

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First measure the hub face to hub face length. The hub face is where the wheel mounts. Write down the total inches of this axle measurement.

Next, if the axle has spring leaf suspension, measure the length from the center of one spring seat to the center of the other. The spring seat is where the leaf spring is mounted. Write down this measurement and note if the spring seats are on the top or bottom of the axle.

Now look at the spindle. The spindle is where the hub mounts. Is it straight or does it drop? On drop axles the drop is usually 4 inches.

Write down whether the axle has electric or hydraulic brakes.

What is the bolt hole pattern on the hub? To answer this question first count how many studs there are on one hub. For an example, you might have five. Now measure the inches from one stud to a stud directly across from it (do not round this number off). For example, it may be 4.5 inches. The bolt hole pattern would then be 5 on 4.5
Call us with what you have came up with and we can confirm your messurements and price a replacement axle! 770-603-8511

You can however buy directly from Dexter; expect to pay up to 150% more than you would if you went to one of their distributors such as us. This is because of set-up fees and freight cost. Dexter states this on the FAQ page of their website.

If you can, take your axle to us. Let us take the measurements. If something is wrong we will be responsible for making it right. We will not take responsibility for an axle that does not fit when if it was built to the measurements that the customer supplied; you will lose your deposit.