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5 Things To Watch On Your Trailer

For the consumers that use them, a trailer is a valuable asset that needs to be maintained properly and regularly so that it continues to work for many years. While maintenance is not expensive or time consuming, being able to watch out for signs of repair is a tricky skill to learn.


Problems may not be immediately apparent, and not being able to act on them can make the issue much worse and difficult to address. And so, in this article, we’ll provide you with a list of things you have to watch out for whenever you use your trailer. By keeping an eye out for these signs, you can take the necessary action required to keep your trailer in top condition.

  1. Tire wear

Watch for unusual tire wear including cupping, flat spots, or inside and outside tire wear.This can be from a multitude of things including lack of bearing and hub maintenance, improper air pressure overload of trailer and more. A simple job of lubricating the bearings often and properly can quickly become an expensive repair if the bearings overheat and cause damage to the hub and axle spindle.

  1. Unfamiliar noises

While trailers will always produce some level of noise when in use, you should stop and check to see if there’s a problem if you are hearing any new and unfamiliar sounds when driving with it. Clicks and rattles could be a sign that some of the individual components are about to break, if not already broken. It could also mean a lack of maintenance on your part.

  1. Leaks

Some trailers are equipped with a lubrication system that automatically dispenses grease to keep the parts moving smoothly. If you find that your trailer is leaking this fluid in greater amounts than normal, it could be a sign that some of its parts have worn down. Some leaks may be fixed with minimal effort, although some may require you to bring your trailer in for specialized repair to ensure that everything is in good working order.

  1. Bumpier rides

Bumpy rides are never pleasant. If you are experiencing these when using your trailer, it could be a sign that the suspension is giving out. You need to act swiftly if this is the case, as a broken suspension system can be a serious safety hazard that will affect you and the other people on the road with you.

5. Hairline cracks 

Cracks to the trailer’s structure should never be ignored. Even if they are small, there is always a risk that they will expand and make your trailer difficult, if not impossible, to use in the future. Perform routine visual inspections for cracks and other signs of damage when your trailer is parked.


Be careful and keep your eyes and ears open for these early warning signs. If you find that any of them are present in your trailer, it’s a good idea to investigate further or have an expert weigh in on the matter. That way, you can continue to ensure the trailer’s usability and longevity—not to mention the safety of the people using it.

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