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4 Things To Check On New Enclosed Trailers

Purchasing an enclosed trailer is a huge investment, so you must be sure that the chosen unit will last a long time. It should also be able to do various jobs as needed, especially when moving particularly heavy and bulky items.

Before committing to a trailer, it is crucial to evaluate and identify if it’s perfect for you. To help you arrive at a well-informed decision, here are four essential things you need to know before purchasing:

1 – The body

The quality of the enclosed trailer’s body is crucial to your decision-making. This determines its strength and durability, helping you identify if it’s worth the investment or not. Remember: the thicker the aluminum skin, the more durable it is. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to identify this easily, so it’s important to study trailer specs.

The wall stud spacing (16″ Optimal) also indicates quality, durability, and strength. Essentially, an enclosed trailer with more studs means it has stronger sidewalls, as opposed to the one with fewer studs (24″). If a trailer has fewer studs, it has weaker sidewalls, and this will eventually begin to warp and flex.

Preventing leaks should also be taken into consideration. Failing to do so will result in damages to your interior and belongings. As you inspect trailer options, ensure that the roof construction and material are structurally sound.

2 – The interior

While a trailer’s exterior and foundation play huge roles, keep in mind that a quality trailer is also well-finished on the inside. Make sure that the trailer’s interior is made with plywood. This specific material is more durable and stronger than a participle board and other similar materials. If it isn’t made from plywood, expect it to wrap, break, and crack, especially when you’re hauling heavy loads.

3 – The rear door

Although seemingly unassuming, the design and quality of the trailer’s rear door are equally important. If you choose a trailer with a ramp door, for instance, hauling items will be made easier through the spring assist mechanism. Opening and closing the door will also be safer, as opposed to trailers that have no built-in spring assists.

4 – The axle strength

The axle is perhaps the most important part of your future trailer—it works the hardest, so you wouldn’t want it breaking or bending. It carries the combined weight of the load and enclosed trailer, so it needs to be built with the utmost quality of materials and craftsmanship. To ensure that you get the best deal possible, do your research and choose a company that offers a good warranty!

The Takeaway

Purchasing an enclosed trailer is a huge decision, one that will require you to shell out some hard earned money. For peace of mind, make sure that you inspect every nook and cranny, to let you know that it’s in good shape and won’t be breaking down as you travel. Before settling in on a decision, keep researching and ask questions! Moreover, never underestimate the power of a good warranty!

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