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Enclosed Trailers Uses And Picking The Right One - Blog

Enclosed Trailers


Enclosed Trailers are widely used for purposes ranging from car haulers, bike trailers, equipment trailers, utility trailers, motorcycle trailers, and more.  Enclosed Trailers provide protection of the cargo and can be outfitted with tracks, rings, tie-downs, shelving,or flooring to accommodate almost any type of cargo that requires hauling.

Here are some tips on choosing an Enclosed Trailer as well as some more resources on finding the best trailer for your purpose:

  1. Car Hauler Trailers - Choose a trailer that is at least 8.5 feet in width and 16 feet long (length varies up to  53 feet)
  2. Motorcycle Trailers - 7'x14' V-nose tandem axle is a popular size for toy haulers.
  3. Equipment Trailers - A contractor may do well with an 12-16 foot long trailer.
  4. Moving Trailers -  A moving company can use a range of sizes from 12 feet  up to 38 feet.
  5. Landscape Trailers - A landscaping company may use them to store mowers and landscaping equipment for protection transport and storage. An enclosed trailer is also very usefull for keeping your equipment out of the elements of weather.
  6. Trailer Options - Enclosed Trailers can be customized with floor and wall mount D-Rings, shelving, cabinets, lighting, electrical packages, side entry doors, steps, ramps, and more.



How to Choose an Enclosed Cargo Trailer – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

With so many styles, options, and sizes available with an enclosed cargo trailer, it’s important to do your homework to figure out what you truly need.

You don’t want to overspend on accessories that you won’t use and you don’t want to buy more trailer than you really need.  However, you do want to look ahead and make sure you account for any growing room you think you might require in the years to come.

An enclosed cargo trailer is an important investment that will be used to haul equipment for the job, your valuable race car or vintage auto, your favorite toy – be it a motorcycle, ATV, or snowmobile – or cargo that’s essential to your home or business.  You want to make sure you’re not skimping on workmanship and materials just to get the lowest price.

Here are some basic guidelines on How to Choose the Right Enclosed Cargo Trailer for you.  Ask yourself these important questions:

    1. What will you be using it for? This is obviously the most important and basic factor to consider.  This will influence the size of the trailer and the options you need.  For example, if you need a trailer for your handyman business, you may need a 5 foot wide single axle trailer for your tools and materials. But if you need a trailer for your vintage race car, then you’ll require an 8.5 foot tandem axle trailer with a ramp door and maybe some tread plates.

    2. How far will you be traveling? This is an important point when considering the options to choose with your enclosed trailer.  If you’re going to be traveling around town with your handyman service, then you may be fine with choosing the standard exterior options.  However, if you’re going to be taking your vintage race car across the country on an auto show tour, then you’ll want to think about purchasing upgrades that will enhance the safety of the trailer such a mounted spare tire, stabilizers and tie-downs, LED tail lights, and a door hold back latch.  You can also choose options to enhance the style and appearance of your trailer (See below: "Will you use your trailer as a marketing piece?").

    3. What type of cargo will you be hauling? The type of cargo you’re planning to haul will directly influence the options you choose for the interior of your enclosed trailer.  Your handyman trailer will need interior racks and shelves for organizing your tools and materials.  If you’re carrying anything that’s temperature sensitive, or if you live in a climate with extreme temps,then you’ll want to opt for vents and air conditioning to maintain a temperature controlled environment while you’re on the road.  You may need to add additional height to the standard trailer sizes to accommodate oversized cargo.

    4. Will you use your trailer as a marketing piece? If you’re using an enclosed trailer for your handyman service, then you may want to customize the exterior with your logo, photos and images as well as your phone number and website.  A custom detailing company can do this for you.  If you’re hauling sensitive or valuable equipment, you may not want to advertise on your trailer, but you can enhance the exterior to match your cargo with a custom color and chrome rims.  You can also style out the interior with black and white checkered flooring upgrades, aluminum tread plate sides, aluminum tread plate flooring, and white vinyl walls and ceiling.

    5. What is your budget? This is going to play a major factor in your choice of an enclosed trailer – whether you like it or not.  You want to be sure you’re getting quality at a value.  This is not where you want to skimp on workmanship or materials but where you want to find the best value for what you’ve determined you need.  Make sure you’re not paying for options and accessories that you don’t need and won’t use.  It is possible to get a high quality enclosed cargo trailer with the options you require that fits within your budget.

Make sure you ask yourself these essential questions, do your research to see what kind of options are available with an enclosed cargo trailer, and then map out exactly what you desire and require.  Be an informed and prepared consumer and you will get the best quality at the best value available for your needs.

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