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History Of Our Company & About Us

History Of A & A Center Trailers

As With Most Successful Businesses, A&A Center Trailers Started As A DREAM.

Founder Ed Magyer enlisted in the Army Airborne at the age of 16, forging his parents’ signatures so he could enlist early into the army as many young men did back in the 1940s. After completing his time in the service, he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Ed opened many small businesses and eventually found his calling in the sales world.

A&A Corporation was founded in 1973 with the dream of having a successful business that could provide a stable income for his family and everyone he employed. The name comes from his two daughters, Anna and Angela, and at that time, appearing first in the phone book was of utmost importance and the company name was simply a logical choice.

Mr. Magyer has always enjoyed the art of sales, having owned car lots, furniture stores, banks, insurance companies, and more. He was a salesman deep to his core, proud to connect a consumer with the quality product they were looking for at an affordable price. He worked six days a week, from dawn till the last customer was helped, ensuring that they left happy. He mentored several young men and women — including myself — to carry on with their dreams, and a few to even open and start their own business ventures.

At the early age of 15 I was officially brought on board to start learning the family business working alongside him. Mr. Magyer always believed in the idea of never selling anything that you wouldn’t be happy with if you used it personally, which is why A&A Center Trailers’ standards for trailers that we sell are the way they are today — HIGH! We may answer the phone and still be laughing from us joking around on a Saturday afternoon, that’s just our company culture of a laid-back but professional business with a family-like and transparent dynamic. Making our trailer dealership the best in the entire southeast area requires a simple, quick, friendly, and hassle-free sales process. Selling over 70,000 trailers with many repeat customers since our founding, we are proud to be one of, if not THE largest trailer dealer in the great state of Georgia.

A&A Center Trailers has been passed down to me and is going stronger than ever. Continuing the support that my grandfather worked hard to establish for many years, we try to sponsor several, local little league teams, high schools, the Wounded Warrior Program, first responders, and more.

I look forward to speaking with you soon, shaking your hand, and helping answer any questions you may have about anything trailer-related.

-Brad “Magyer” Buongiorne, C.E.O

Why A&A Center

• Truly Knowledgeable Staff

We are always here to help our customers with questions regarding your trailer needs, concerns, and general questions. We stay up to date on all things related to the world of trailers as we are proud members of the North American Trailer Dealers Association, and have been for many years. This helps us provide our customers with the most up-to-date products, options, and all other things associated.

• Superb Customer Service

Our customers are the backbone to our business. You will always receive the industries BEST service from our team, whether that is speedy service from our trailer repair shop, or our hassle free purchase process. We strive to make each customer feel that they are being assisted to the best of our ability and to address all of their needs and concerns.

• Competitive Prices

We are known not only for offering some of the best prices and values for trailer purchases in Georgia, but the entire southeastern region of the United States! We end the long, tiring price search for a quality trailer with our NEW dealer pricing model software, which constantly scans the internet within a 150 mile radius and provides real time updates, so you know our prices are going to be consistent with market pricing. This means you can rest assured you have purchased a new trailer at a great price, and have gotten a great deal on a quality built trailer without sacrifice! We refuse to sacrifice quality for price as a cheap trailer doesn’t always end up being the lowest cost of ownership and can lead to downtime and costly repairs.

• Endless Customization Options

If you’ve ever looked on our lot and aren’t seeing exactly what you are wanting, rest assured we can find it for you in a timely manner. We offer custom trailers built for anything you need. Race trailers, Concession trailers, Car haulers, and specialized utility trailers and much more.

• Full Service Repair Shop With Quick Turn Around Times

Need trailer repairs? We offer a full service repair shop that can quickly get you and your trailer back on the road, work or play. Our shop is fitted with every trailer repair tool imaginable ready to tackle even the most challenging repair jobs. This ensures we can get the job done quickly and most importantly done correctly. All of our service techs are trained extensively, with most specializing in trailers exclusively, and our parts department carries all parts that may be needed to service your trailer. Stop by and drop it off or wait (select jobs only) while your trailer is being serviced or you can call and arrange an appointment.

• Support A Local Family Small Business

Since 1973 we as A&A Center have been putting money back into your local economy. By purchasing a trailer from us you will help fuel the economy around you, benefiting all around the area. We are a family ran business that cares about our local community and economy.